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Susan Kolb a medical doctor who is uniquely qualified to tell this story because she has a specialty in plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as extensive training in holistic medicine. Furthermore, both silicone and saline breast implants have been in her body, and she confronted the health challenges such prosthetic devices can produce. While her story is very personal, it also reflects the experience of hundreds of thousands of other women. The story she tells involves multinational corporations, public health concerns and governmental organizations that have betrayed the very people they are charged with protecting. Suppressed research, legal battles, government hearings, political corruption and corporate greed are part of this saga. Yet it is also about healing, for it contains the promise that those involved will learn greater responsibility. As Dr. Kolb says, "Sometimes we all have to learn the hard way."

“Dr. Kolb has exposed yet another serious FDA defect-allowing not only unsafe drugs but clearly toxic silicone inserted into the bodies of otherwise healthy people. The Hippocratic Oath is even more critical today since each physician must first do no harm.C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Energy Medicine President Emeritus, Holos University Graduate Seminary

“The Naked Truth is an excellent resource. It points out many problems including the fact that the medical profession needs to be truly educated so people are cared for and their experience and true affliction treated rather than being labeled, treated with prescriptions, and rejected if they do not respond." Bernie Siegel, M.D. Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles, and Help Me To Heal

“It has been my privilege to know and learn from Dr. Susan Kolb, who combines the best attributes of a skilled surgeon with those of a dedicated, compassionate healer. Susan Kolb is the physician of the future, who combines intellect and heart in the task of helping people heal. The Naked Truth About Breast Implants is the definitive work on this subject. This book can be lifesaving for anyone who has had breast implants or is contemplating them.” Larry Dossey, M.D. Author of The Power of Premonitions, Healing Words, and Reinventing Medicine

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