cohesive gel implants

I was wondering what your thought were on cohesive gel implants (gummy implants). Have you seen problems with them as well?

Cohesive gel implants

In my experience, these implants also leak and with time rupture, so they are no safer than other implants except that explantation surgery is easier due to the cohesive gel.

Mentor silicone breast implants

I received my Mentor silicone breast implants in December of 2008 after double mastectomy for breast cancer. In October of 2012, I discovered a large lump under my right arm. My cancer had been on the left side. I was sent for needle biopsy and pathology showed silicone. I was explanted in March of 2013. The left implant had a gaping, jagged tear in the left lower portion. The surgeon also removed 3 large lymph nodes filled with silicone. The left implant was broken but yet the silicone was on the right side. I asked my surgeon how this happened and he told me that the silicone could not travel to the right side that I had to have had silicone sometime in the past. What a bunch of garbage. I have never had silicone in my body until the implants. I have crushing fatigue, memory loss, severe muscle pain, fibromyalgia, disequilibrium, have had significant falls in the past two years, and the list just goes on. I have been trying to get help or even find someone to help me to no avail. I believe that no breast implant is safe be it silicone or saline. If there is anyone out there who can tell me anything at all, please do so. I have also tried to find an attorney with no luck. I am at my wits end over this whole thing. Someone out there, please help me.

sick from silicone

I would recommend that you read the book and come in for a consultation to see what other treatments you could benefit from including detoxification.


Dr. Kolb posting above.

Life threatening infection from "gummy bear" breast implants

My 38yr. old daughter became critically ill last summer with a fever over 104.0. She was diagnosed with very serious infections in her breast. She had Gummy Bear implants placed at age 29yrs. She was so sick and in excruciating pain. The next day she was taken into surgery. A plastic surgeon/breast surgeon went into her breasts and found excessive amounts of bacterial infection. My daughter coded in surgery but thank god they were able to revive her. The implants were removed & drains were placed. My daughter then became sepsis, the bacterial infection went into her blood. She was in serious condition. Once she was finally able to be released from the hospital she left with a direct pick line so she could receive intravenous antibiotics around the clock at home. She began to feel better after a couple of months but still had to continue having a drain placed in one breast. A couple months later she was in surgery again with problems pertaining to dormant bacteria in the scar tissues. To make a long story short, she just had her fourth breast surgery a week ago due to another infection causing a high fever etc... Basically the surgeon had to do a mastectomy. She has had so many health issues, joint pain, severe fatigue, illness, night sweats etc... This has been an absolute nightmare!! My poor daughter.
Has anyone else been through such serious infections from these implants? The surgeon here said he had only treated two other cases like my daughters in the past 20yrs. One of his patients died and the other patient was in the ICU for over three months deathly ill.

Thank you!

Cohesive gel implants

These cases need to be treated early in my experience but doctors do not understand the early symptoms which are fatigue and pain. And they dismiss the patient complaints very easily.