Considering a breast implant procedure - seeking advise!!!

Hey friends! I’m considering a breast implant procedure in Toronto ( ). My boobs hardly fit a cup 30- A. While researching I came to know there are two types of implants - saline and cohesive gel. And I came across a page which says cohesive gel implants looks more natural and there won't be any leakage.Is it true? Is cohesive gel implants more expensive than saline implants? Which type of implant is safer? How will I know which implant suits me the best? I’m confused. Please advise.

If you would like to have a

If you would like to have a natural looking boobs then I would suggest you go for cohesive gel implants. I had undergone breast implant surgery and my new colleagues ask me how am I managing my boobs. They also said it's perfect and they need tips for maintaining them.

Silicone implants

Telling patients that have detoxification defects (30% of the population) to get silicone implants is very bad advice as they will become ill when the silicone starts to leak.  You need to be educated to give medical advice.


Saline implants are generally

Saline implants are generally the lowest priced breast implant option. These implants are filled with saline after being placed within the body, and therefore require slightly smaller incisions to place. Rupture poses no medical risk as the saline solution is naturally absorbed by the body. While Cohesive gel implants (commonly known as ‘Gummy bear’ implants) are filled with silicone gel that is thicker than that found in traditional silicone implants. In fact the silicone has a gummy bear candy-like consistency, hence the nickname. Gummy bear implants are designed to provide a natural breast appearance in terms of shape and slope. The thicker filling allows these implants to keep their shape for a longer period of time than the other options. Check out for more info.

Saline implants

Getting saline implants if you have the genetic problem of getting rid of mold biotoxins is very bad advice.  You need to be educated to give medical advice.  Also, gummy bear implants leak just as much as other implants and cause fibromyalgia.  Really dumb posting on this site, girls.  Do your homework.