I am confused about diet and detox for silicone. Certainly lots of organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains makes sense, but I think I have seen conflicting things about meat. Some people are using a "GAPS" diet approach, which emphasizes proteins from good organic grass fed sources...bone broths, etc. Which is most commonly used?


Most silicone patients need to avoid arachadonic acid which is in red meat.


I have found a detoxifying therapy called the Gerson Therapy. It is for cancer, but it also helps with autoimmune diseases and toxicity. She has a great book out called Healing the Gerson Way. You can also u tube her. Her name is Charlotte Gerson.


I have found a detoxifying therapy called the Gerson Therapy. It is for cancer, but it also helps with autoimmune diseases and toxicity. She has a great book out called Healing the Gerson Way. You can also u tube her. Her name is Charlotte Gerson.


Many cancer treatments including diets increase cytokines which include tumor necrosis factor. It is best to avoid cytokine producing foods in the silicone diet as it will increase pain. Dr. Kolb.

Alkaline Lifestyle

I have noticed what works for me..

Ill list below

Alkaline living, keeping my body away a healthier state by more raw food, drinking dandelion tea daily, walking, some sort of exercise daily.

I have noticed the more greens I eat, the healthier my body is, doesn't keep me from being utterly exhausted at night or by mid day. However it helps with symptoms and feeling somewhat better.

The burning pain in my left side
.. Also since Im in California... I use CBD a lot which is a cannabis plant that helps with other many problems in the body.


It is better to treat the cause of the problems then just the symptoms.

Hi, to be healthy we need to

Hi, to be healthy we need to take care about our diet there are so many toxins in our body that has been collected for crush dieting so when we do the detox and maintain good diet, these toxins will be removed and we feel light, energetic and healthy. thanks.. Info Source about detox diet

Information about breast implant illness

Susan Elizabeth Kolb The FDA partially funded a study published in the Journal of Rheumatology that found that women with ruptured implants had a higher risk of fibromyalgia. Last time I looked this study was still up on the FDA website despite the FDA and the plastic surgery society saying that only local complications occur from defective breast implants. Silicone is a known adjuvant so increased allergic reactions are common. One study (presented at a medical meeting) showed that 100% of women with defective breast implants had Candidiasis (fatigue, muscle aches and mental clouding) and that has been my clinical experience in treating over 2000 women who are ill. Other co infections occur such as viral, intracellular infection, fungal, and bacterial around infected foreign bodies of silicone in the lymphatic system. The risk of cancer is increased as shown in the peer reviewed literature as well as suicide as the ill women are not taken care of by the current medical system. Certain HLA types become very ill with autoimmune disease early after being exposed to any silicone and 25% of the population with saline implants is at risk for fibromyalgia from mold biotoxin disease if the implants become contaminated. ALCL lymphoma can occur with textured implants due to chemical toxicity and mold biotoxins which are known carcinogens. The chemical list provided by Dow Corning for the court shows a long list of chemicals many of which are neurotoxins and carcinogens that cause problems once the implants start to leak. Dow Corning engineering data shows that the Silastic shells start to leak at 8 years and clinically this is true in my practice in that most patients with detoxification defects (30% of the population) become ill in the 8 to 10 year time frame. Others become ill after chest wall trauma including a rough mammogram, car accident or direct trauma. Many women develop Raynaud's syndrome from the methyl ethyl ketone that comes out of the shell that depletes arginine and nitric oxide. It is reversible with chemical detox (hand baths) and supplements that restore nitric oxide. I wrote a book that I am not allowed to mention on Real Self that has many peer reviewed references from rheumatology, toxicology, pathology, neurology, cardiology, and other medical journals. The foreign medical literature also has articles about systemic illness in women with silicone implants. It is my experience that women with defective breast implants that do not have total capsulectomy, removal of silicone laden axillary lymph nodes, antifungals, treatment of coinfections, and detoxification do not do well and are at increased risk of cancer, suicide, infection, and a host of autoimmune and fibromyalgia and chronic pain problems. Oddly enough, with all of this evidence, chances are that most plastic surgeons will answer your question saying that only local chest wall complications have been found. American medicine has many politically incorrect diseases including silicone toxicity, mold biotoxin illness, intracellular infections, and chemical toxicity in general. In my experience, patients with defective silicone illness may have all of these diseases, so it is no surprise that there is so little help for the women who are ill.


Patients with silicone toxicity need to avoid nightshade plants, eggs and red meat which have arachadontic acid that is inflammatory. All patients need to avoid excess sugar and carbs and fruit high in sugar to prevent yeast and mold overgrowth.