Testing for breast implant sickness?

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My mother directed me to this line of research, as I've had unexplained health issues for 5 years now. From reading some of the documents on the Plastikos site I have a few questions. Do illnesses caused by breast implants (smooth saline) cause a positive ANA test and increased white blood cell counts? From the articles I'd *think* they would, but not sure. And are there any other tests? (such as a blood test that looks for silicone, or molds?)

Thank you! This is intriguing, but I wouldn't want to blindly go through a surgery if it wasn't the definitive cause...


Some patients can develop a positive ANA due to silicone exposure even with just the shell exposure.  Increased white counts are usually due to co infections from the immune problems that implants can cause.  There are no blood tests, as this is a clinical diagnosis.

Chronic elevated WBC

I feel like my doctor just doesn't want to acknowledge a problem. I think she has implants and has no issues so I don't. I have raynauds disease, adrenal insufficiency, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Enlarged neck lymph nodes, rheumatoid arthritis, and none of this is related to free silicone in her mind. My WBC stays in the 10 range.

I was tested for Silicone years ago

I was tested for Silicone many years ago and it came out negative. Years after that, my implants ruptured. One was intracapsular, one was extracapsular. The surgeon that explanted me stated that she could not get all of the silicone and there were two severe areas of mastitis. I now have several autoimmune disorders and enlarged lymph nodes in my neck. I also had this eruption on one breast last year at Christmas that was not a sebaceous cyst and I wonder if it was a silicone granuloma that erupted. I am at a loss as to what to do. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.


I would recommend a chest wall clean out and removal of any abnormal silicone laden axillary lymph nodes. Email me at drkolb@plastikos.com. You will also need antifungals, treatment of coinfections, and detoxification.

positive ana and high wbc

I have also had a positive ANA and my wbc stays between 10 and 12. I have a lot of the symptoms of implant illness. The weight gain, aching muscles and joints, fatigue, depression and anxiety. I've had my implants (McGhan smooth saline) for 14 years and have been sick for about the last 8 years. It's only been recently that I started making the connection that my implants are making me sick.

Breast implants

You need to understand the time limits when they need to be changed out.

Breast Implant Illness

I've had Mentor smooth saline implants since 8/2013. I started noticing my health deteriorating a couple of years ago with my first main symptom of hair loss. Unlike others, I started out (I feel) in my younger years of having a struggled immune system, digestive problems/skin problems, etc. After changing my diet to a very clean diet, I felt better than ever, I had a baby and was still extremely healthy, then I got implants. I fortunately am very health conscience and have an amazing homeopathic doctor who has thus far been able to do testing and treatments naturally. I recently had a negative ANA but (near positive) DS DNA Antibody test (which is lupus). I've recently had to get my ferritin/iron/methylmalonic acid levels in check, my TSH is good but my T3 and then T4 was a little off. I feel like I'm always on the brink and the only thing that keeps me from going over the edge is my homeopathic doctor and my lifestyle. My friends and family can't believe as healthy of a lifestyle that I live that I can have any health problems. Yesterday I got an MRI to clear any possible leakage, and it was good. I've done a blood test to test for heavy medals and mold and that came back clear. I know I have a very reactive system, I'm wondering, could my immune system just be fighting the foreign body in my body? My breast also hurt a lot/they are always sore. I'm trying to eat a diet right now to heal a leaky gut because I know the gut is your immune system and I'm on all kinds of food based supplements & herbs from my homeopathic doctor and feel better but not near normal. My health is like a roller coaster and I'm afraid it's just going to get worse. Any input would be greatly appreciated.