I just wanted to say that I was appalled by the comment posted by ANONYMOUS, May 19, 2013! Verbally attacking Dr. Kolb. If that person felt so strongly about their opinion, why were they anonymous? Good for you, Dr. Kolb standing up for yourself!!
With that said, got my silicone implants in 2003. for the past 5 years my health has been rapidly declining. I have been to so many specialist regarding my symptoms, with no results. In the last 9 mouths it has become pretty debilitating. I struggle through my days at work taking naps on my lunch break to keep going. The Severe Fatigue is one of the worst symptoms. I have numbness in the fingertips of both hands, IBS, headaches, insomnia, stomach cramps, nausea, tightness in my chest and neck, very dry skin, eyes and mouth, acid reflux, muscle aches and pains, chronic sore throat, facial breakouts, recurring styes in both eyes at the same time, flu-like symptoms and now yesterday, I was having pain and tenderness in my right armpit. I looked and there was a very large swollen area (not red or hot), so on the insistence of my mother, I went to Urgent Care after work. The doctor says it is a fatty lipoma. He said that it is soft and easy to move not to worry. Ok, so why does it hurt? Well, he said because it is probably growing and pressing on a nerve. Ok, but why did it just seem to appear? He said I probably never noticed it before. He ran blood work anyway and I'm sure it will show the same results as past blood work, nothing. Well, I have never considered that any of this could be the implants until recently reading some of the information on the web by Dr. Kolb. So, at a recent appointment with my E.N.T. (about my chronic sore throat and other issues) I asked him could any of my problems be stemming from my 13 year old silicone gel breast implants? Of course his reaction was a quick, "NO! All studies have proven they are safe." Well, I beg to differ!! If any of these spineless physicians had to live in my body or the body of countless other women living with these affects, they would dig a little deeper! So, you may ask, what are you waiting for? Why haven't you scheduled to have them removed? Well, the answer is simple, my insurance dose not cover the procedure. My husband retired from the Navy
1 1/2 years ago and we moved to his home town of Burbank, California. Just recently he was able to land a job an hour away and I have been working as a temp. employee and can not get hired for a full time position. So, hopefully a job will come along soon and I can get these infernal things out! Thank you again for all of your resources and information. It has been very encouraging that there might be a light at the end of this dark tunnel.


Please call the office and ask to be put on the Angel Explant list for surgery as funds will soon be available.  Thanks for your post.  You have all the symptoms of silicone toxicity and they usually start at about eight years out.